The Creek

In response to the drug epidemic in our area Compassion In Action started a recovery program called The Creek.  Our goal is to help those recover that are struggling with addiction.  We provide a meal, a great children’s program, relevant teaching, open discussion and prayer.

For location, date and time of our meetings check out our FB page:


                                               Warning Signs of Addiction

  1. Problems at school/work, disinterest in school activities/work, drop in grades
  2. Physical health-lack of energy and motivation
  3. Change in behavior-efforts to keep family membersout of their bedroom
  4. Being secretive about where they are or who they’re with
  5. Drastic changes in behavior and relationships with family and friends.
  6. Spending money-sudden requests for moneywithout a reasonable explanation
  7. Missing items and money from your home,possibly used to support drug use.
  8. Wearing long sleeves in hot weather to hide track marks.