In their Words

Joplin 2011
The trip was so rewarding to me. It is great to get away from your own life and problems and just serve others.  Absolutely wonderful and such a blessing to help those in need.
– Debbi Craft

If you find your life troubled or burdened with problems, a trip such as our Joplin experience can heighten your perspective. To see the devastation and meet with the victims first hand is a life altering experience. To witness and to be a witness to God’s enormous love is a profound experience. As in Romans 12 :13 ” Share with the Lord’s people who are in need” – (TNIV). You may have had this in your head but it goes directly to your heart when you meet face to face with such devastation.
– With prayers for Joplin, Dave Root

Accepting your invitation to join “Compassion in Action” in Joplin has been an experience that has touched my life so profoundly words can hardly describe.  But I will try – Hands and hearts coming together both from the awesome CIA crew as well as those accepting the assistance amidst the most extensive destruction I have ever seen is an experience that captures not only ones heart but your very soul.
Working with all of the team as well as Donnie and Diane of Joplin, one certainly could feel the presence of Jesus in our midst.   God Bless.  – Martin

Though feeling a strong sense of God’s leading to be part of the Joplin team, having met Tom & Cathie only briefly and not knowing anyone else, put me out of my comfort zone. But God doesn’t bother about that, He wants His own working together to do his ministry, which was about helping (2) hurting families in Joplin. So I thank God for the opportunity to meet brothers and sisters in Christ and be a part of a beautiful work of compassion in Jesus name.

– God Bless Compassion in Action Ministries. Pat Evans

Words can’t describe the feelings I had on this mission trip! I couldn’t fight back the tears that ran down my face EVERY day.  People take for granted what they have.  I remember coming home Sunday night after the trip and taking a hot shower for the first time in 8 days.  I started crying and had a feeling of guilt.
This trip was life changing, and I plan on attending more in the future. GOD IS GREAT….and showing people Gods love is the greatest feeling on earth 🙂 THANK YOU CATHIE AND TOM for Compassion in Action!

– Jennifer Kaminski

Really grateful I went.  People feel so overwhelmed and alone when something like this occurs.  That God led you to these special souls is a miracle in itself.  To be able to help them get back into their homes and continue on with their lives was a blessing to me.  I’m thankful I was able to see their smiles.  I wanted more compassion before this trip, and I feel that I learned much about how to show it.
We had a great team, and it was fun to be part of it.  I appreciate my hot showers soooooooooo much more. Hugs to all of you…………..

– Diane

Mexico 2012
The best way to put MY trip into words is by using the fruits of the spirit. Showing Love to the people, as well as receiving love in return from them. Having undescribable Joy while playing with the children. The comforting Peace I feel while daily spending my time with my Maker. Using Patience, while working with people can be testing. Receiving sincere Kindness, unending, from my team, a group who were strangers only a week ago. The Goodness of God when you see Him working through you. The Faithfullness of God and His promises when everything around you seems to be hopeless. And, Self-control, the fruit that blooms when you conquer the word “can’t”. All things are possible with God.

– Carli

It still amazes me what God can do when we surrender to Him.  This year was very unique in that we did not have our leaders, Tom & Cathie, but God rose up leaders among our team.  It felt like each person was very specifically chosen for this trip and played an important role in serving the people of Mexico.  We accomplished many things; built a house, multiple outreach visits, worked in the town of El Carmen, but the highlight for me were the relationships that were built.  Not only with the people we served but also within our team.  I encourage you to pray about whether or not God wants you to take this step to join the team in Mexico.  Be prepared to be stretched and exhausted, but also to feel the power of God working in El Carmen and in you.  By the end of the trip God will strengthen your relationship with Him and reveal His love to you!
– Stef

“Not my will but yours be done”. I found myself saying that a lot over the last few weeks. My name is Nick Morrissey from Arden Hills, Minnesota. It has been a week since I got back from our trip to Monterrey Mexico. This trip really stretched me this year and I can say that God is truly changing and still working on my heart. I would like to speak a little about my experience during that week. I encourage anyone who has not been on a mission trip to step out in faith and give it a try even if you have little or no faith. I first went on this mission trip when I was 13 years old to the same City Monterrey Mexico and I have never been the same since. If you have the chance to travel to any other country I would encourage it in order that you may see life through someone else’s eyes. My highlight of the week was seeing all the people trying to cram into the little church in El Carmen the area we build a house for a family during the week. God helped to give me new sight again and I can tell you from experience when you can see things from his perspective your heart breaks with his. It has been a much more difficult transition back to “normal life” this year in college writing papers, studying, driving to work. I can only stop and think of how blessed I am to be able to do all these things. During the week in Monterrey God stretched me and showed me that everyone has value and has been given specific gifts. Last year I was given an opportunity to lead worship one night but I chickened out at the last moment thinking I could not play or sing good enough. This year I did not have that option as I had to lead worship throughout the week. I did my best and it showed me that I am capable of a lot more than I thought possible. God gave me a vision last year that the teams going down to Monterrey were like rain drops we not only came to water this dry land physically to those who needed water but spiritually. These people are so thirsty and for some of them we are the only water that they may receive in a year or in their entire lives we have the opportunity to bring them living water. I could see this when I went out to invite people to church. I went with some sisters from the church to a house on hill about a 30 minute walk. It took the old couple that lived their 5 minutes just to walk to the gate of their house. To my surprise a few hours later I saw them hobbling down the road and they listened intently outside the church trying to get closer to hear the message. I thank God for the opportunity to once again be his hands and feet and perhaps maybe just maybe change someone’s life forever. To whomever reads this be blessed and I hope to work alongside you in 2013 with much love in Christ,
– Nick Morrissey

Mexico 2011
I really enjoyed this trip.  It was a real blessing to my life.  i would encourage anyone who is interested in this trip to pray and see if God would like you to be a part of it. My highlight of the trip was just spending time with the family that received the house we built. Playing soccer with the kids from the house was also a fond memory. We were very blessed to be able to attend some weddings and these people really have a hunger for God and a special love for others. The Mexican people are really hospitable and some of the nicest people on earth. This trip will edify your life in a positive way and give you more world vision and see how other people live. I hope to be able to be a part of this trip again next year. The fellowship was amazing.  Although I only knew one person going into the trip, I believe I made a connection with not only the mexican people but the members of our team as well. Many blessings!
– Nick Morrissey

All week long gollyta was saying that she had been praying for a house for many years. On Friday we stopped in to see her and show some of the others the finished house. Other years the first opportunity the house owners had they would sleep overnight in their new house when it wasn’t completed. Gollyta’s granddaughter saw us coming and went to grab the key for the house to unlock it. They had not slept in it yet! We asked why? And she said, we are waiting to have a feast and have friends come and bless the house before we stay in it. That action spoke volumes to me.
– Karen

My favorite moment(s) were spending time at the church in the town of El Carmen. I really enjoyed meeting the people and spending time with the kids. I also really enjoyed when we got to see some of the houses that had been built in the years prior and got to pray for Pastor Alexandra. I’d say the way that this all affected my life is that it makes me want to go back and spend more time with the people in El Carmen and take steps toward moving into some type of mission work each year.
– Erick Stohr

Mexico 2010
“I have been to Mexico twice with Compassion in Action. The work is physically demanding, the accommodations are primitive compared to American standards and I have seen things I could have never imagined sitting in my comfy living room. The week is spent doing things that continually take a person out of their comfort zone but create amazing opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. My trips to Mexico were two of the most life-changing and wonderful experiences I have ever had. I would compare it to birthing a child. There is much pain in the process, but afterward you only remember the love that fills your heart. The people I have been blessed to minister to have touched my heart in indescribable ways that overshadows any challenges I may have encountered. I find that each year my heart yearns to return.” – – – Laurie Esqueda

Life changing! My spiritual journey has incrementally grown by seeing God’s hand on this trip. Experiencing the unconditional love and heart of these wonderful people, changed my perspective of life permanently!!
– Justin Briski

Mexico 2010 really helped me to appreciate my life and to realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. God really showed me that I should cherish people even ones I don’t know. People are precious and showing them that helps me be more like Jesus.
– Stacy Wiesman

One day I had gone to the church to spend time with the ladies and children. We brought a cooler full of food to make sandwiches for everyone there. Most of the week I had been helping on the construction site and we never went hungry. The couple that we were building the house for had saved their money and prepared meals for us every day because they were so grateful that we were building them a house. After we had spent some time at the church and had walked around the village – we were heading back and I started to realize that I was beginning to feel hungry – so when we arrived back at the church we began to make sandwiches for everyone there. Soon we realized that we were running out of food and some of the children were asking for more because this was their only meal that they were going to receive today – or possibly even this week.
It is a humbling experience when you realize that you have gone to another country because you want to bless others – and come home feeling more blessed. It hurts my heart to know that there are children around the world that don’t get enough to eat. It became real when I saw it first-hand. When we are in Mexico we try to provide food for families while we are there. It costs about $3 for a bag that contains rice, beans, oil and flour that could potentially feed a family of 4 for (#) of days.
– Karen Carey

The trip to Mexico opened my eyes to what it means to actually be the hands of Jesus. Meeting the people there created several wonderful opportunities . Let me give you several examples. I was asked by a young boy to pray for him and that his father would some day come to know Jesus. I prayed that afternoon for this young man and his father, and continue that prayer today. And on that same evening a beautiful young mother singled me out to ask, with tears in her eyes,asked why did you come so far and give of your time and effort for us poor people? Why? My answer made me realize what a wonderful blessing it is to be able to give something away and see it received with love and joy in return. What would you have told her? That answer to the question will change you,I know, It changed me forever!
– Ken Zuber

I’ve come a long distance to help these folks in Mexico working on a house at this hot and dusty jobsite. Lord – this better count for some points in the Kingdom! What’s this? The man living next-door in this ramshackle house is waving at all of our workcrew. Gosh – he wants us to come over for lunch. He has scrounged chairs from his neighbors so each of us has a place to sit. His wife has spent considerable time cooking a hot meal for us. He’s gone to the local tienda for several bottles of cold pop. We are motioned to sit and enjoy a meal while he and his family stand watching and waiting on us and making sure we have enough. Lord, how can our crew eat this meal when this food would feed his whole family for a week or more? He doesn’t know us and won’t receive anything from us. We sit down nevertheless and enjoy this gracious meal, and God is looking down at me and chuckling: “Gotcha you blockhead – all your righteousness is as filthy rags”. OK God you win again – as usual. I’m again being served rather than being the server- seems like this happens on every trip although a little differently each time. I guess that’s why I keep coming back. Thanks Lord for the reminder.
– Ron Haas